DjangoRestFramework Microservice generator documentation!

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About cookiecutter-drf-microservice

Cookiecutter-drf-microservice is a ready-to-use API skeleton generator:
  • generates it,

And you:
  • add your unittest and endpoints,

And it will help you to:
  • generate the documentation with Coreapi,

  • test it with Tox,

  • package it Docker,

  • deploy it (TODO with) Terraform or Ansible

It sounds simple and it is. Take a look at Drf-microservice it’s now generated by Cookiescutter-drf-microservice.

Something disturb you in the code? Don’t hesitate to open a an issue and contribute.

Releases Notes

  • 0.7.1: Remove all .md file, update the doc, the docker config file

  • 0.7.0: cookiecutter-drf-microservice got it own separate repository

  • 0.6.1: Update dependencies

  • 0.6.0: total refactoring for add cookiecutter

  • 0.5.2: fix dependencies security alert

  • 0.5.1: fix some document presentation on github and pypi

  • 0.5.0: Initial publication version

Bugs and evolution policies

When you will find a bug or propose an evolution create a ticket on:

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